Comfort and convenience in every detail

Each new Pulka collection is a new and fresh look on the children's garments. Lightweight insulated package allows the child to easily move, play and run around. And a waterproof fabric guarantees protection from rain drops. Sport models (vests, jackets) are combined with elegant coats, bombers and light cloaks. Original models for girls are decorated with rhinestones, perforations, elegant belts. The main motive of the collection - the color: lemon yellow, sky blue, pale pink for girls models, mustard, tobacco, cornflower blue, electric blue in models for boys. Innovative materials of Pulka Spring 2015 collection was the eco-leather, stylized original texture.

Heat goes first!

Pulka winter clothing for children features an ergonomic cut, which makes it easy to move and active rest in the open air, and the clothes are not shifting and protect the child. Thanks to the innovative multilayer insulated package, all products are divided into three groups hardiness: standard, enhanced and maximum (in the Active line). Multi-layered package of insulation of materials combined with the special membrane fabric, do not miss the cold air and freezing wind, and water. PULKA outerwear is great even for the Russian winter, combining fashion trends and maximum protection from the cold.

Style/Theme Winter outerwear
Age groupа 1 mounth to 16 years
Product line Jackets for boys and girls, overcoats, parks and alaskas, overalls, coats, children's kits, accessories (hats, scarves, bags), insulated pants, knitted jersey.
Wholesale price per product unit 495 rub. to 7990 rub.
Pre-order period August - September, January - February

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