School uniform for boys includes a suit, pants, a few shirts, turtleneck, sweater vest and knitted jumper or a cardigan.
Therefore, properly selected range of school uniforms wholesale will allow a children's clothing store to make good sales in July and August, when the winter range is not yet sold actively and summer goods are no longer in high demand. Parents will buy school uniforms for their children anyway, so why not do it in Your store?
Why do we recommend Silver Spoon to our customers?
Silver Spoon school uniform includes more than 1000 models of clothes for school, for both boys and girls. Among them is a large number of knitwear, blouses, skirts, jackets, tunics, dresses, shirts, ties and accessories - everything a schoolkid needs. It allows You to buy uniforms wholesale at one place, chosing items for a collection that will perfectly look in the store, and provide good sales.
Silver Spoon is not just a school uniform. This is a collection that meets all the requirements of fashion trends, embodied in the classic silhouette. With its unique combination of elegance and style, quality and practicality, convenience and affordable prices Silver Spoon has gained popularity among parents. The number of fans of this wonderful brand is growing each year, everyone who has ever tried to wear this gorgeous clothes does not abandon it.
Buying Silver Spoon will not only provide You with good sales, but will also make Your store look stylish.
If You want to buy Silver Spoon school uniform in bulk call us and we will suggest the best selection of clothes for Your store.
Since the climate in many regions of our country is rather changeable, the outerwear for children is always up to date. Unfortunately, not every jacket, coat or raincoat will be in harmony with the classic clothing. That is why Silver Spoon collection includes a line of classic outerwear, which will perfectly complement the main collection or can be offered as a separate range for the spring collection, and also a top children's clothes for early autumn which is ideal for school.